The first betrayal

Every instant with him, I felt my heart wobble
His charm, his charge, had left me unstable
Swept by his positivity, I lost the clock
And that’s when I heard distant knock

“I wish to see your core, that’s why I’m here.”
“Let me in”, she said, “I won’t interfere.”
How foolish, I was, to trust her neutrality
Not once did I see of the dreadful possibility

Slowly and slyly, she stole him away
Wrecked with betrayal, I could not stay
In my own core they lived, bonded forever
Into depths of space, I sank, deeper and deeper

Empty and lonely, every moment, I die
This is how, the universe was built on a lie…


What ‘A million years ago’ tells us.

When we look back at the creation of genders, millions of years ago, we can answer a lot of questions of today’s society.

A female is required to sacrifice a significant amount of time and effort to achieve reproductive success. On the other hand, males have to do nothing, virtually. While the individual reproductive success being the supreme motive, this drove a reasonable infidelity and an excessive willingness to mate, among males.

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